Free Earthquake Trauma Counselling 0272441846

Free earthquake trauma counselling is still available as some people are anxious, troubled or struggling as a result of the Canterbury earthquakes. A government approved practitioner (RSW) can offer you short term counselling to explore for yourself or your family the options to manage post trauma stress.

The following are symptoms that may be noticed and causing concern for you or family members

  • Upset! Frustrated! Overloaded
  • Finances & families strained
  • Recovery rebuild difficulties
  • Feeling despairing or unable to cope
  • Using alcohol or drugs to manage stresses
  • Difficulty calming down following aftershocks
  • Noticing your health has deteriorated since the quakes
  • Feeling jumpy and easily startled at sudden or load noises
  • Difficulties with caring for family, or employment stresses
  • Feeling irritable, emotionally numb, having angry outbursts or unable to be loving to those close to you
  • Reduce anxiety & increase resilience, talking to a professional can help.
  • Call for support today from a government funded (RSW) registered practitioner. PH 027 244 1846
  • Click here for the Free Counselling website.